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Flimsy Leaves cannot hide the Dysfunctionality that comes through Curse and Judgement

By Lance Moore in podcasts on April 5, 2020

From peace to rivalry, from joy to gloom, from fearlessness to fear, from unity to enmity,
from hope to hopelessness, from calm and order, to chaos and anarchy – that describes
the scene in the Garden post the Fall. Sin disrupts all that was good. A bondage of
corruption that has left the created world in futility and in the pangs and agony of
childbirth, awaiting the redemption of the sons of men, and the liberation that comes
by Divine Decree and Sovereign Grace alone.

Burying the disgrace of sin under flimsy leaves

By Lance Moore in podcasts on March 29, 2020

God loved them and they loved God.
Also, the man and the woman loved one another. It was a great joy for them to be

This too was very good. The man and the woman loved their world and their
work. The earth was a blessing for them, bringing forth all kinds of good things, and the
man and the woman were a blessing for the earth as they joyfully tended it with love
and care. During those days, in the beginning, there was peace on earth everywhere,
even in the hearts of the first two human beings. Then the man and the woman sinned
and there was no longer peace.

A Look at the Person and Work of the Second Adam

By Lance Moore in podcasts on March 22, 2020

In order to have a better comprehension of the contrast the Scriptures paint between
the First and the Second Adam, in terms of their works and their persons, and in order for
us to understand the extent of our depravity in the First Adam, we need to have a
comprehension of the Person and Works of the Second Adam, to understand the greatness of salvation which is found in Christ alone.

The Book of Genesis: The Dialogue of Descent

By Lance Moore in podcasts on March 15, 2020

At this stage, before the Fall, Adam and Eve had listened only to God. There were no
other voices; there were no other influences. Up until this point God has provided
everything Adam and Eve had needed and now in the Garden a test of their loyalty to
God arises. And their conscious decision to disobey God has disastrous consequences
on Adam and Eve, on their relationship with God, on all who will come from their seed
and on all of creation. Destruction, disaster and death enter upon the disobedience of
the first man and his wife.

God has not given us a spirit of Fear: A Biblical Response to the First Confirmed Case of the Coronavirus in South Africa

By Lance Moore in podcasts on March 8, 2020

A tenacious clinging to the Sovereignty of God and a solemn reminder that God has all
things under control, never abdicating His throne or His rulership, never neglecting His
people, and never once finding Himself in a position where calamity, sin or world affairs
catch Him off guard – gives a wonderful sense of peace unto the believer, when
circumstances arise that are a possible cause for fear and panic.