Glenvista Baptist Church Live Sermon Stream FAQ

How can I access the live stream?

The sermon will be streamed via youtube, the feed can be accessed by clicking You may visit our website, , and click on the link directly in the banner on top of the page or visit the our YouTube channel and subscribe.

What time will the live stream start?

The live stream will commence at 9 am on Sunday morning. Lord willing it will be available every Sunday morning even after we resume our normal worship gathering.

If the screen still appears inactive at 9am please be patient and wait up to 2 minutes for the stream to start. The quality may poor and the picture jittery for the first 30 seconds to a minute. This is normal and should improve the longer you view the stream.

What if I am late?

If for some reason you miss the first few minutes, you should be able to move the red progress bar at the bottom screen back to view the stream from the start.

How fast does my internet need to be?

We suggest an internet connection with a download speed of at least 4Mbps for the best results. The video will still play if you have a slower connection, but it may be of poor quality and/or pause spontaneously for small durations during the feed.

We suggest you disconnect all other devices except the device you are viewing on if you are worried about the connection speed.

 How much data will I need?

WARNING: Watching a live stream may deplete your data if you have a capped package. At the highest quality for our feed (720p) it will consume roughly 25MB a minute. This means that an hour of streaming will use 1.5GB of your data. Please be aware of this.

For the brave, you can click the small white ‘settings’ cog on the screen and lower the video quality if you want to use less data.


What if the webstream stops or is interrupted?

If the webstream stops or is interrupted, and you cannot resume, we will make the sermon audio available as soon as possible after the service. If you know of anyone who has not subscribed to our sermon transcripts please share this link so that they can receive transcripts.

What if I receive a ‘Video Unavailable’ error?

You may receive this error if you click on the WhatsApp link, this is because our channel is not yet approved for embedding. You can only play the video from the youtube app (on your phone) or the youtube website on your desktop/laptop computer.

Do you know someone who would want to view the sermon on Sunday morning?

Please share our channel link with them so they can subscribe:

If you are using YouTube for the first time and are a bit nervous, Please go ahead and test your skills by watching some video content on , so that you are more comfortable with the platform.