Burying the disgrace of sin under flimsy leaves

by Brian Watts on March 29, 2020 in

Burying the Disgrace of Sin under Flimsy Leaves until
God by His Inner Voice strikes our Inner Conscience.

God loved them and they loved God.
Also, the man and the woman loved one another. It was a great joy for them to be

This too was very good. The man and the woman loved their world and their
work. The earth was a blessing for them, bringing forth all kinds of good things, and the
man and the woman were a blessing for the earth as they joyfully tended it with love
and care. During those days, in the beginning, there was peace on earth everywhere,
even in the hearts of the first two human beings. Then the man and the woman sinned
and there was no longer peace.

Preacher: Brian Watts