A Build Up to the Unpardonable Sin

by Brian Watts on November 19, 2018

Bible Text: Mark 3:22-27 | Preacher: Brian Watts | Series: Exodus 20 – The 10 Commandments | As we have worked our way through the Sixth Commandment and considered the
implications pertaining to murder and how the violation of this command is a breach of
God’s Law, I thought it would be helpful to briefly pause our expositions on the Ten
Commandments and consider an aspect that I alluded to on numerous occasions
during our expositions of the Sixth Commandment.
We saw very clearly that murder in all of its forms, whether it be suicide, or euthanasia
or abortion or any other form, is a sin that God forgives upon repentance. In other words,
murder is not the unpardonable sin. That though, begs the question: what is the
unpardonable sin? I feel this is a question we need to answer even in light of the Ten
Commandments and I think this is the perfect time to do so. I plan on doing this by
spending time in this text for the next two Lord’s Days after which we will Lord willing
return to our study of the Ten Commandments.

Preacher: Brian Watts